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Good morning, good afternoon and good night!

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Just want say hello and it's great to be a part of this community. I jumped straight into the traders' section (too eager to start my collection from nothing, lol it's been awhile) and haven't introduced myself yet so here it is.

My name is Howievn and I've been a fish fan of aquariums for a number of years now. I have a 4/2/2.5ft tank with a new jardini about 25cm and is tank mates with clown loaches (8-10cm) and guppies, lol. Seems to be going great so far although there was an altercation on the fist day I introduced the jardini to the tank. She took a bite at one of the smaller loaches but I quickly tap the glass pane which made her spit the loach out. Since then she has not really taken notice of them or the guppies. Mind you they do swim about sometimes without any problems and hide amongst the rocks and plants when not feeding or swimming. The tank is looking good and the fishes have settled in although I would like to expand my collection of fishes to include a Asian arowana, archers, tinfoil barbs, silver dollars (or their relatives) and maybe others. ATM I have a 4ft tank in use and a 8ft on the dry docks. I plan on getting more tanks (a 6ft and maybe another 4ft) whenever the opportunity arises, beside I have two fishes that's a must. The jardini (which I have now) and an Asian arowana which I am still searching for. The rest will be tank buddies to them (lucky we have solar panels installed, lol). Can anyone can assist me with finding an Asian arowana? not the south American arowana.

Well again, I am stoked to be a part of this community and share the love. I hope you'll kind to this newbe. ;)

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Heya Howievn(sounds like Im speaking swedish)..hope you enjoy the place mate...and yep thats one of the holy grail quests...asian arowana.....they say anything is possible and they are around but money talks and many dont have the bank accounts....interesting mix for your jardini mate....time will tell how it unfolds and Im fan of the jardinis so even if it goes bad..might just have a fat jardini :) enjoy mate

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Thanks for the warm welcome fellas. The Plan to have 2 tanks running (don't want to use too much electricity, so expensive these days). I'd most likely keep separate for awhile in view of each other to check out their aggression but will see how things pan out. The jardini seems pretty tamed so far, only time will tell when i eventually get one (if ever).

Yep, money talks but i can wait for the right one for the right price. I can come up with the cash if one comes up tomorrow but i'm not an impulse buyer with that kind of money. I'm happy with my jardini ATM but am looking at another jardini but this tIme a baby juvenille when Kevin at exotic fish connection gets them in. Might have to chat to him about what i'm chasing too. It's been over 10yrs since my last fish (a baby jardini) but i sold it a month later and everything else (due to personal reasons) and stopped altogether. Now i'm back in the game. Always loves fishes and dogs (i have a poodle x).

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