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ITEMS Available for Loan/Borrow

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I had a few offers to help me go through this coming power interruption and I do appreciate the concern. Just thinking if we can let other members know of what spare we have that we can lend during times of crisis (i.e, tank breaks/leaks, power interruptions, equipment failure, medicines, etc.).

Let me start with some items im happy to lend (I would expect borrowers though to take due care of it and return it).

1. Eheim 2080 complete running set

2. AC dual outlet airpumps

3. 10k LPH sump pump

4. 4x18x20 (i think) tank and stand

5. Haleia chiller 1000 series (capable of running an 8ftr tank) - good for breeding project if you want to drop temps.

6. 2x Eheim basic feeders

7. two tier 4x2x18 tank set

8. couple of seeded sponge filters

9. RO unit (if you want to connect it as I don't know how to work it)

10. Caged white IBC tank

this will also build up the community spirit of helping each one in the hobby.

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