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Aussie Lung fish

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Size: 40cm

Sex: Unknown

Price: $1500

Pick up only

Macgregor 4109

Contact: 0430 473 566 or vwnm105@hotmail.com

The lungfish farm in Jindalee is the only place in australia selling lungfish and that's where I bought this guy too.

They sell $2200 for 25cm ones now. The prices are getting higher these days due to the hardness of breeding lungfish.

However, they wont have anything for sale now for another year or so due to breeding reasons. (They told me they only have breeding ones left so they wont be selling any for another year or so).

I am putting this guy up again because the buyer fell through even with the deposit paid.

Let me know.


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I think the guy is just stating a fact. I can wait for next year to get a smaller half price one and it is still legal.

The guy is discreet enough to pm/txt you as well about his thoughts. Theres also a lot of people making an offer but no cash and will waste your time.

Just my thoughts. Lovely fish and another monster bottom dweller.

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What size tank would i require to keep one of these species to adulthood, and are the licences hard to aquire.

Im guessing a 6x2x2 would be too small. I know they get big.

I could be keen but i also want to be realistic about its needs.

Feeding and any other requirements i should be right with, its just the size of tank required that im not sure off.

I only have 6x2x2's as my biggest tanks.

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Good looking boy. Nice to know what Tad would be worth at 47cm now! Ha. Not that he's EVER for sale. =P

Shame that the price is up; I'll grab another baby at the end of the year if they are available from Jindalee. All the uck to the new owner, toss me a PM if you ever need help.

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