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Bloody annoyed with myself

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I am so angry at myself. Less than an hour ago, I did a water change on my Pep juvie tank. I have one of those triple stack pleco caves in there and it was smothered in hair algae, I decided to drop it in some bleech and hot water to clean it up, while the water change bucket was filling up in the other laundry tub, I got distracted by my daughter and forgot to check the pipes for Peps, or I thought I had done it. Anyway as I was pouring neat bleech into the bucket with the cave, I was horrified to see a Pep in the bucket. Fcuk fcuk !!! I fished him out and thew him in the new water bucket which was half full and dumped a stack of prime in there. He was swimming around Ok, so I got some tank water and a jar and put him in. However 5 minute later he was dead, not surprised, it would have been a miracle had he survived a swim in neat bleech, even if it was only for a second. Bugger Bugger Bugger, I am really angry with myself. Poor little guy, what a way to go.

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Yea thats a bit brutal.

Shame the dechlorinator didnt save in time.

I heard one that hit home the other day.

This lady has this female redclaw. Things years old and she spoils it rotten. Full organic vegitarian diet.

Anyway she came home and noticed she left the tank lid off. Couldn't find the cray.

Looked for hours and finally found it under fridge. Got it back into the tank, and held in gentle powerhead flow.

It came alive, so she dropped it. She crawled over to the clay pot she had always lived in.

Climbed in, and died.

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