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Fish Tank and Accessories for sale - unused

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About 4 months ago, I bought a whole heap of stuff from Age of Aquariums with an eager anticipation of getting an aquarium set up, sadly I have moved house and had a few other things going on and I am due to go overseas in January so am hoping to try to sell this before I go, if photos required I can provide them but please not that every single item that could have been packaged, is still packaged, and nothing has been used, the lids for the tank are still wrapped in bubble wrap that they were wrapped in when I bought it.

I have for sale:

API Aquarium Salt - approx 1kg - never opened.

Marina glass thermometer.

Melafix 118ml

Aquastar 120ml

Aquanova 48 inch single reflector light

Fish tank 1220 x 457 x 457

Ceramic Rings 1kg

Fluval Tronic 200W Heater

Heater guard

OTTO PF600N Internal power filter

20kg of natural coloured gravel - bought from Paul's Ponds and Aquariums

I also have a Aqua-World Glass Aquarium (approx 30L) - this was used to house my pet rats for 2 weeks while their cage was being delivered I have soaked it and filled it and it does not leak.

I would sell the remaining items separately or would accept 300 for the lot ono, I did pay a heck of a lot more.

In total I paid a small fortune for this, I am open to offers though so please Private message or comment me for more information.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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