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Cross breeding

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Our tropheops girl is looks like she's holding and there are no tropheops males. 8O

There are some young electric blue males that are just colouring up and small electric yellows.

What could she have crossed with and what to do? Feeders?


Carl & Jenny

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i'm more inclined to think the yellows simply because they are a mbuna cichlid same as the tropheops....and the tropheops is more likely to breed with something of a similar shape than something completely different....

but i agree...feed them...as any fry resulting from such a mating (if the eggs are indeed fertile) will most likely be sterile and anyways they are an unatural hybrid between 2 species that wouldnt come within a 10ft barge pole length of breeding with each other

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Hi All

Just about any cichlid will cross with another

I watched a male dimi do the wild thing with a female ob fuelaborni

Both fish had partners of there same species in the tank

so there goes that theory

so on this occasion

1) fish that were totally different in body shape + colour

2) differnt genus

3) both had same species partners in the tank

anything is possible



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