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For Sale: Large Americans and Africans

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For Sale: Large Americans and Africans

Getting rid of my large Americans and Africans. Wanting to start another peaceful Geophagus Tank. Love the Geophagus. Can swap for Geophagus too

2 x Bocourti (15-20cm) $25 each

10 x Super Green Texas (10cm -20cm) From $10 each

1 x Fenestratus (25cm) $25

2 x Zonatum (25cm) $25 each

20 x Braziliansis (7cm - 15cm) From $5 each

4 x Jack Dempsy (7cm - 15cm) From $5 each

1 x Red Devil (Super Red - 25cm) $20

5 x Convicts (6cm) $15 pair

20 x Blue Eyes (6cm) $5 each

1 x Flower Horn (8cm) $15

Please text 0401575959 if you are interested.

Thanks All

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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