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Hello I'm From Melbourne

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Hi i signed up with a forum and none is on it.

I couldn't find a forum in Victoria that has many active page's this site appears active.

I have a tank with a group of South American Fish and plants,i am still learning but have a mate at work thats very knowledgable about fish and tanks that is helping me out.

I have a few Tetras and some large algae eating fish called SAE they are ripping the large amounts of algae from everywhere where the small Catfish wont eat.

Thery have grown around 3 cm in a few months and now are starting to eat my plants.

Whats the best way to catch them without damaging all my large plant grove's?

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Welcome to the forum - I have not tried it but do you think if you popped a few algae wafers in the bottom of a drink bottle or milk bottle if that would entice them in.

When I was younger and caught fish in the local creeks we use to get a drink bottle and cut the top quarter or a bit less off the top of a bottle and then turn the top part around so the cap part would be on the inside and put two holes in either side of the cut and put some fishing line to hold the two bits together and put food on the inside and was a handy little home made trap.

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