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Carpet in Fish Bowl with Moss

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So I have picked up a Fish bowl to set up as a small shrimp tank for a friend and was looking at creating a carpet effect with moss.

The tank will have no light, just natural sunlight or lighting from the house, so I was thinking of using Java Moss. Will this grow with no light?

I was going to buy some fly screen or something similar and put the moss between the two and have it cut to the size of the bowl and just let it grow through the holes. Has anyone had any success with this method and can advise of what the best product to use is?

Also if anyone can advise anywhere on the northside that would have Java Moss. Has anyone seen it in any stores or know anyone on this side of town who has way too much of it?

I was trying to make the tank a "Paris themed" tank as the tank is for someone who has some weird fasination with Paris so was trying to find an Eiffel Tower ornament. I have seen these online in America however no shipping here. Anyone seen these in stores. Alternatively was thinking of something that looks like a Bonsai tree (without having to make it myself - tried that in my tank with not much success)

Any help would be great!


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Java moss will certainly grow with minimum light. You can just spread it on the bottom of your bowl, weigh it down with

a few pebbles and it will take off.

I have a lot of Java moss growing outside in an old tub. I always give it away to anyone for free.

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if only you were a bit closer bluebelle :-)

really tamiya? that is kind of annoying as that is where I got the bowl and saw a different eiffel tower statue in the home section that was too big that gave me the idea. might have to go back again!

any idea of the size? bowl is only 20cm tall

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