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Sump Pump ideas with flow in a big system (with pics)

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Need some help!!!!!

The system: 4x 8x2x2, 1x 6x2x2 with a 6x2x2 sump

Currently using 2x 10,000lt per hour Jebao (170w for both pumps)

Apart from the 2 pumps pushing into each other at the "T" pvc piping piece, if 1 pump was to fail the other pump basically just flows back into the sump and doesn't continue up the return piping.

I currently have tried a 17,000lt per hour which goes straight into the return great but the flow isn't there like the 2x 10,000lt pumps

To add a new sump pump of 23,000 - 28,000 I'm looking at 500w which is a lot higher then expected.

My question:

Is there a way I can use the 2x 10,000lt pumps and use a better pvc piping method so it doesn't restrict the flow if one pump fails


is there a low watt larger pump I could buy for a reasonable price


Is there a better way I could plumb the system to help the 17,000 do a better job.

I'm just confused on what to do.





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They are expensive, but yea 1 one valves do the job.


Aquael PFN25000 PLUS

350 watts at maximum 25,000 lph

Dc pump, so as you turn down flow it uses less power.

7.5 metre head height,

so aint gonna have any drama with those racks.

You pay a bit more for them

but the 2 year warranty covers the impellor

and the build construction is very good indeed.

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