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Electric blue jack Dempsey

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Hey guys, I've had this guy for about 2 years now but he is now too big for my tank since the down grade. Hate to see him go but it's better than him being unhappy.

Can't get an image to upload, so just text for a pic.

Also please only text or call as I no longer frequent this forum

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Hey bundy he's pretty low key, he used to tangle with a gt I had but I think the gt instigated most of it. Shoot me a text on 0431625309 if ya wanna chat more.

Ok so a few people have looked at the pics and I'm lead to believe that he isn't an ebjd but a split gene with an extremely strong blue gene. He still has to go and I am still taking offers. Sorry for the confusion.

The fish is now sold pending pick up

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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