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Fish Aquarium Driftwood, Ornaments, Filter, Air pump etc

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Hey guys, have for sale driftwood, ornaments, gravel etc from my tank, all driftwood sinks completely and is not releasing tannins, all of it

has just came out of a running tank and has been in there for years:


Large windy piece of driftwood (fits 4ft)- $30


Large flat piece of driftwood (fit 3ft probably just)- $20


Ship ornament, cave ornament, fake plants, terracotta pot, 4ft flexible airstone and dual outlet AquaOne 9500 air pump (pump and plants not in pic) - $30 for all

Tub of brown gravel, put a thin layer in a 4ft tank - $10


Bag of big black stones, covered the bottom of a 2ft tank - $10

All items are pickup Annerley, Southside of Brisbane. Open to offers, especially if buying multiple items.

Have more pics just couldn't fit them in the one post.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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