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3 Fish Tank Aquarium Systems (4FT,2FT,1FT) and Canister Filters

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Hey guys, have for sale tank systems and some filters:


Full 4ft tank system, very minor scratches, 210L 4x1.25x1.5, on stand with hood (2x 40w t8 bulbs). comes with 2000LPH canister filter, 300w heater, thermometer, white sand and slate ornament. Doesn't come with plants or fish shown, hood is a bit rough - $200


Full 2ft tank system, tank is display quality (no scratches) 80L 2x1x1.5, on stand with LED hood. has inbuilt filter and an extra internal filter, as well as gravel and 100w heater - $100


small display quality curved front ~20L tank, comes with internal filter, heater (not shown ~20W) and gravel - $30


Also have 2x Canister filters, 1x aqua one 1500lph, works perfectly but for a small leak at the hoses (will need an o-ring?) full of ceramic noodles and sponges, and has hoses. Other filter is a Project PJ-1001 1000lph runs perfectly, half full of bio balls and has hoses, but has a dodgy clip and possibly missing a seal? - $30 for both

All items are pickup Annerley, Southside of Brisbane. Open to offers, especially if buying multiple items.


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