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K1 tube design flaw

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Just getting some feedback on how i can improve the design.

Ive got an acrylic tube 10cm diameter 70cm high. Capped it off with a drain type round cap from bunnings drilled with airholes on both ends of the caps. Added about 4lts of k1 leaving a space of about 15cm for the k1 to tumble. It sits under water by 2-3cm on the waterline.

My problem now is the top section is still not tumbling. Is there a designe flaw? Too tall? Should be lowered to the water level? Air is good so i cant fault it.




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The k1 is more of a feature on each corner rather than a filter purpose. Im also adding a led spotlight inside the tube to highlight the movement. With these on each corner it will still look neat.

Sump is good but it may not be for me. I still have 2 spare 2080 (will make it 5 pro3 xl) that im thinking of adding just need to plan where to hide the tubes. Also looking at running it in series but still evaluating if i can do it.

Tank is an ongoing work in progress.


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