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Adult L number collection plus tanks

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Thinking about selling up my L numbers. Only interested in selling as one lot. All fish are adults.

The tanks

2 racks, both 4 tier

Eight 4 x 2 x 1 tanks. Sponge filters, k1 filters, large volume air blower. Can throw in a few canisters too.

The fish

201 breeding trio - have had 2 batches so far

201 trio mff

134 trio mff - haven't bred yet but male fans a lot and one female hangs around cave entrance a lot

333 breeding colony. 8 adult fish. Unsure of exact sexes. I,ve sold hundreds of juvies from this colony

66 Breeding colony. 8 young adult fish. Unsure of exact sexes. Just starting to get going. Have had 1 batch so far

387 colony - 5 or 6 adults. Have had 2 batches so far

397 pair - have not bred yet

Price - $5k -

PM if your genuinely interested.

No time wasters please.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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