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Crabro and Chipokae

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I have a few Crabro (bumble bees) and a few Melanochromis Chipokae available. Not many of either of these around at the moment.

Crabro at about 35-45mm.....5 for $40 (14 left)

Chipokae at about 35-45mm.....5 for $40 (25 left)

Location:- Pick up from Ormeau

Shipping Y/N:- No

Contact:- pm or email fishbreeder@bigpond.com


Nice healthy fish.

Buyers, please bring a bucket/container to transport them in.

Photo of Crabro breeders:


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Jebbo, when you say black ones, do you mean 5 males of Crabro? Chipokae males have a lot of black in them too.

Please give me a call on 0408 823 989 and we'll try to work something out. Cheers

timpl - great to meet you today. Hope all went well. See you soon for the Tramatichromis and/or sp Jalo.

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