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Tropical fish sell out!!!!! cats cory's ect

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hi guys,

shutting down my tank for a new and exciting venture in the new year!!!!!!

we have:

1x pictus catfish 8-10cm

2x hoplo's a brown and a white * ish cm

2 x pairs of angels, lay eggs regularly, but get eaten in community tank. 2 are blue sapphires 1 is koi and the other a black marble id say bigger than medium but not large

4x kribensis. 1 large male 2 small female and 1 small male

1 x large silver shark 15 ish cm

2 x yellow barbs

2x large male congo tetras

1 x red tail shark

1 x rainbow shark

5 x scissor tail ras bora

1 odessa barb

2 x longfin rossie barbs

2 x beunis aeries tetras

1 x albino rainbow shark

1 x yoyo loach

2 x clown loach maybe 3?

2 x sterabi corys

1 x pepper cory

1 x rabuti cory

1 xjulie cory

1x i think emerald cory

1 longfin bronze

1 x bronze

2 large upside down cats

2 x common bristlenose M/F female has laid

1 x albino longfin male

2x conchu tetra.

1 x large black ghost knife fish

several anubias on drift wood.

anubias are looking pretty tatty as my L's were eating it!!!!!!!!!!

would like to sell in one hit!!!!!!!!!! buyer to inspect stocklist to ensure there happy as i may have stuffed some names/sizes/quantities.


easy probably $300- $400 retail in stock there




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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