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fish id please

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got a bunch of "ob peacock fry" a while back and ended up with about 10 of these blue peacocks..

nice looking fish, any thoughts on species?


fish in pick is geting yellow,goldish shoulder

others have red shoulder, red detail in fins




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Yep its a split...... which is an ob or tangerine mutation fish........ but doesnt express it.

They can still throw ob or tangerine fry.

Trade name "brave heart" (as they usually have blue faces) but commonly seen in "assorted peacock tanks"

Colouration can vary a lot, have a couple in my display I bought about a week ago.

Needed some blue.

When I rocked up with buckets, the guy lol'd

I sold him the fish when they were small.

Then bought them back for $15 each.


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