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WTB: 8000lph sump Pump

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Chasing a pump for my sump tanks with similar or same specs as below:

8000lph pump, 80w, head height of 4.5m. Without going to the flow graph, it should produce around 4500lph @ 2m height.

Please private message me with what you have on offer if you have it?

or if you know of a place that sells them at non rip-off prices could you please post on here letting me know! I think it would be worth around $150 for non rip off price?



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Thanks guys for replies...

My price range I guess was for a cheap one I had but it did pretty well for couple years anyhow!...

I'll have a look over those other brands, obviously if dearer obviously better quality so don't mind spending extra cash!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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