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How to tell Split Gene JD??

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hes a her for starters mate :pop2:..id bet my undies on it anyways....and you cant really prove it 100% until he/she breeds(the proof is in the offspring!..as long as both parties are splits then you'll throw ebjd).....I still think if you head towards the fish with the most blue on them then you have the best chance...its not foolproof but I have found it gives you better chances than just any random JDs...the blue "beard" is the sign of the girl and lack of heavy blue spotting on the body....boys are the opposite..and I go for the boys with loads of blue body spotting(and the boys wont get the blue beard)..this is just my opinion and the genetic variance can kick in to confuse you but this seems to be generally correct from my experience...nice girl with a lot of blue on the face...Id definitely try her out with another nice blue/or proven split boy(even better an ebjd! :dance:).... :pop2:

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