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I had a very longstanding and frequently hijacked thread about this which has disappeared from my subscriptions list so I'm starting again. Looking for any species of Arow (except Green) under 40cm in the Brisbane metro area. Needs to be free from defects.

TEXT OR CALL ONLY PLS - 0412 114 174



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Khon does NOT still have his Arow, but thanx for the referral anyway Crusty.

Yoda is right, there have been heaps of randoms saying they "want" an Arow..... Doubt if hes seen many that have posted and bumped every 48-72 hours for the last 18 months as well as called every Aquarium that trades in Brisbane !!! I only hope that the general "Arowana owning" population on here dont underestimate my intent. Yoda is also correct that I would not personally buy an Arowana, but I guarantee my client wants to and will pay the sorts of dollars everyone talks about for one.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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