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Acans with zoas

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An experiment that I started around 5 months back to see which will push out the other,zoas or acans.

Well it seems it's a stalemate, neither bothers the other a part from a little push and shove and neither is pushing the other out of its space.

I have lots of other acans, but this area was made sort of for this purpose, to see what the over crowding would do!


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Nope, you can't sell what you recreationally collect!

There were huge gaps originally but they grew out to each other and stoped against each other, it has been that way for around 3 months now.

They are expanding else where, but not where they are up against each other.

I thought for sure that the zoas would affect the acans being one of the most poisonous life forms on the planet.

Oh well you live and learn; personally I don’t like zoas that much, when they can they spread all over the place.

The last tank was the first time in over 15 years I have bothered with them.

The tank before the power outage I had to inject them with metho to kill them off.

Two of our guys that got some at a collecting trip or two have the dam things everywhere, like a carpet.

Those zoas are as common as mud up the coast, as are the acans.

There are some more pics in trips that come out monthly of some more two-tone acans, amazing stuff, now that’s interesting!

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If you have a look at the types of field trips amongst the hundreds of trip threads that we do as a club, you will see there is at least one low tide walk per month and a couple of spots up the coast bear the most fruit.

Any way reef savers near you is closing down this weekend, get in on some great deals with inverts, they carry zoas and more or less everything else.

Some of us are going to reef savers this weekend as well for the cheap deals that they will have.

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I'm glad to say Reef Savers is not closing down... YAY. Jenelle & Aaron have helped me a lot. They will have shortened opening hours. I think they are still having a sale but not the sell out'

Still going after the weekend?

That's great if that's the case, I herd other wise at our Tuesday night meeting, I hope they stay open.

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