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hi all just an update got a whole heap of great afriacans up for grabslist as follows:

dragon blood peacock from 3 to 15cm

salousi from 2 to adult

lombardi from 3 to adult

arartus adult males x3

ob peacock males x3

ob bluberry zebs 8 to 12 cm

7bar f1 frontosa kingoma 2x male 20cm

chimoto reds 2x male 8 to 10 cm

german reds young male 5cm

l397 :out of stock

l202 : " "

albino short fins :out of stock

albino long fins: out of stock

peppermint : out of stock

commons b/n : 3cm x10

all fish bred seperatly so defenatly no hybrids trying to keep the quality fish in the market for the future generations to enjoy hope to here from you soon regards adrian pure progigy

feel free to check me out on facebook heaps of pics

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no probs at all . i strive to get the best quality breeding stock to keep theses beautiful fish for the future generations to enjoy ,also if i have any that are not perfect they get passed on to my p bass a s a snack to try my best to eliminate all the bad gene related isuse we see arrising so regularly in this hobby pure fish all the way yay good to see people recognising the hard work thanks to everyone for purchaseing these fish to help with the cost of keeping it real lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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