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3ft tank with stand and light - everything included.

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Ok, for sale:

3 ft tank, 39.5cm wide, 46cm high and 91.6cm (3foot)

Long and wooden stand with cupboard storage. stand slightly bigger than tank.

Comes with:

Stone ornament with a hole in centre (approx 17cm high x 20cm wide)

Craggy plastic rock ornament with several cave/hole features (approx 25cm high x 30cm across)

Well established java fern on driftwood with small hole in centre

Heater, tired filter (may need replacing), gravel, 3ft hood light, gravel filter suction hose, fish nets, two 10L buckets, fish tank glass scrubber on easy reach handle, plus 500ml bottle of Aqua Master armour coat.

Fish can be included and would prefer to sell with tank:

1 x sad and worn blue dwarf gourami

1 x stunning rainbow kribensis (pretty sure female)

5 x zebra danios

5 x Neon Tetras

1 x 7cm long Bristlenose.

Asking $220 ONO.

Moving house, must be picked up by Sunday noon at the latest. Also listed elsewhere.

Please PM any offers or text me: 0402 856 758. Pick up in Forest Lake.

Some muscle available to help load it up upon pick up.

More pics available of other rocks/plants and individual fish - currently unable to upload them :(





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