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Rili shrimp

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That chopper ad is also $15 a (assume adult) rili shrimp ($75 for 2M&3F) or $60 for a berried shrimp. So maybe the LFS quote in OP is on the money for adult rilis.

I was recently quoted $110 for a pair of yellows from a shop. Seems pretty high considering what you can get here etc. I guess buying juviniles is a risk in terms of what quality (colour) and gender you get, though i bought 5 yellows and now have one nicely coloured berried female and 5 chocs (no berried yet, 2 reddish/brown shrimps and 3 solid chocolate) for $60 in total recently. I'll be putting up juvis fs when the colony builds up. Without selective breeding practices i would assume $5-7 a juvi is the going price for these colours.

I reckon the shrimp put up by gyung (?) recently look awesome, if i had tank space i would get some of his blue rilis. If i had money to spare i would have got some of his carbon rilis.

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