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New to Brisbane

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Hey guys,

I have recently moved back to Brisbane and I am currently re-setting up my mini tank (30-40L) and unfortunately looking at selling my gorgeous 4ft aquarium.

I am wondering if there are places on the south side where I could take the water for testing and also somewhere that sells good quality livestock - either considering a fancy guppy for my tank, a nice betta or a small tropical school.

I went driving yesterday to look at livestock and sadly found many tanks with dead or diseased fish.. I know I am not looking to spend a lot of money but I don't want to bring home sick fish. :(

Any ideas on places to go? Have heard good things about age or aquariums but it seems they might be equipment only from the website?

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Dependding where you are on the southside, a pet barn will do water testing and if you're near any of the forum sponsors shops they probably would as well.

I would save the trouble of that and just by a test kit. They're only about $40 and last forever!

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