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Hi all,

I have been fish keeping for over 3 years now (so I am experienced but not yet an expert) and have not long acquired a blue oranda. I have noticed that every day white parasites appear and disappear in the folds of his head. I have a 1w led light which I turn on of a morning when I feed them and I leave the light on for about 4 hours while I go into town. When I arrive home the parasites are there so I turn the light off for another few hours and when I check again the parasites are gone.

The parasites have not spread to my other 4 orandas and none of them have ever experienced this before. The layout of the tank also has more than enough plants and rocks to provide shelter and hiding places so I'm thinking it is not 100% because of the light being on.

Just wondering if there is there something I can do to heighten his immune system and help prevent this from happening again without having to take drastic measures and separate him?

Cheers in advance :)

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