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What Tropheus Do You Keep?

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Hey Jamie we only have the 2. Our moliro is only a juvie about 5-6 cm maybe and our Dubosi is colouring up and about maybe 8cm.

We keep them with:

1 x kingsizei, maingano, red fin kadango, white tail and yellow tail aceii, red forest jewel, afra cobue, hongi, featherfin catfish

2 x bristlenose catfish (1 albino 1 normal)

3 x clown loaches

They all get along great and never had any real problems with them all together.

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Ah ok thanks for that JoshandKyle!Are you not tempted to geta colony of each??


How big are the Moliro's??Are you able to post some pictures of these beauties??


Jamie :D

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