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Cichlids mixed

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Hi got colony of 12 kribensis for sale $30 the lot, need some tank space back so need these guys gone couple large ones amongst them biggest maybe around 9cm smallest 4cm? at a guess. Nice colors and very healthy.

Jack dempsey fry 5cm+ from split gene parents 10 for $20 got 119 of these guys left must go as need tank space will go one way or another.

Convicts 4 commons 1 boy 11.5cm 3 girls (2 at 8.5cm) and 1 at 8cm. $20 the lot these were just measured for another buyer but hasnt gotten back to me.

Convicts 4 white 2 boys and 2 girls approx sizes are 12-14cm for males and 8 - 9cm for females I have not measured these guys if interested can measure them $40 the lot

Or take all 8 convicts for $50

Make a reasonable offer based on prices for bulk buy. No stupid offers as these are already pretty much priced at the lowest im willing to go however may move a little on prices for a large quantity of fish.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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