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Red tank light...

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...I have heard/read that using a red light on a tank to help settle/quarantine new fish, helps them immensely.

I think that the fish cannot see out or don't know how to handle the red spectrum.

If this has some merit I may try this to help settle my Fronnies, being deep dwellers anything is better than throwing a blanket over the tank.

Now, would the red light be just your ordinary red party light type Bunnings special or some fandangled ubeaut infrared jobby ala Mission Impossible type tech.

...any constructive thoughts...:?

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...a reply from Seahorse Aquariums in Dublin, Ireland...

It would be a standard red spectrum light.

The fish cannot see in this and allows work to be carried out without causing stress to the fish.

Also it allows for the light levels to be increases slowly as the fish have been in a bark box for up to 24 hours.

Kind Regards


The Seahorse Aquarium Team

Unit 3 St Joan's Industrial Estate

Turnpike Road (across from the Red Cow Hotel)

Ballymount, Dublin 22

...methinks a "Bark Box" is supposed to be a dark box:amen:

..all this is because of quarantining fish after shipping.

Just wondering if I could use the red light during daylight hours and turn it off when it gets dark.

Maybe trial it for a week and watch out for algae blooms.

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Maybe if they r wildcaught straight out of the lake lighting mite b a problem, but I garentee that no such thing would of been done between you and where ever they came from. If they r skittish in ur tank I'd say your water is not right in some way. Maybe lengths of 90 mm pipe to hide in if they r stressed.

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...water is as perfect as I can get and they have plenty of places to hide.

As most fronnies are known to be skittish especially these ones, Namansi Reef, I was asking if anyone has had any experience with red lights on a tank as apparently they cannot see out in that situation.

I've had these fish for 2 years and getting sick of looking at a black sheet covering the tank.

I used to keep Tropheus before so I do know a little about correct water parameters.

...hmmmmm...edit...looking at my avatar, does anyone know what Frontosa tastes like...;)

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They might not be able to see the red, but they definitely know something is up.

I just tried it on some cichlids and they instantly flinched when it turned on.

5 min later tho, swimming around as if all was normal.

...interesting...do you have a 3' red florescent in stock Donny?

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