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Young Breeding Pair of White Calvus

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Hi guys,

I have a breeding pair of White Calvus for sale. Have bred 3 times in last 3 months. All decent sized batches.

I am just heading in another direction, away from the Altos, so would like to sell them as soon as I can.

Female is about 5-6cm, male is 8-9cm.

Advertising elsewhere. Pickup Northside. Will include their favourite shell, she has used all 3 times.

This male is a machine, he has heaps of attitude and defends her shell with lots of punch when shes on eggs. He is awesome.

If you want more photos just ask. Female is about 5-6cm, male is 8-9cm.

Please do not offend me with silly offers. As close as possible to $200 will secure these guys :) thank you.




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Hmmmm, interesting comment Brent.

I welcome anybody that puts a decisive SOLD on my post who wants to buy my fish AT FULL PRICE (as most members would I imagine)

If I was dealing with any other people on PM, and had negotiated a Sold Pending situation, which in this case I wasn't .... I would consider it my very much my responsibility to put sold pending on the post.

I don't stuff around in this situation, if it's sold pending, my responsibility, if someone wants to buy it and puts SOLD on it, then great I say.

And if the fish were STill for Sale, then I certainly would say so, as I wouldn't like my chances spoilt.

Can someone please tag admin to find out the correct procedure for selling on this forum as I'm on my phone.

Oh and by the way. Calvus are sold, to Boaly if I really have to clarify 😊

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[MENTION=2649]goldenswimmers[/MENTION] is a moderator [MENTION=7853]Julielovesjayne[/MENTION] , so really no need for admin, but just in case [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION] [MENTION=6066]webmaster[/MENTION]

qldaf doesn't run like face book, so i think what goldenswimmers was checking to make sure everything was ok, in the past we have had buyers get upset because they were first to post sold when the fish had already sold via pm or phone, we have also had members post sold and then never buy or pick up the fish, and the sellers end up missing out on selling as the next buyer thinks they are sold,

if i'm wrong, lol, and goldenswimmers meant something else, then please ignore everything i have posted,

but all that said, i'm happy to see you have sold your pair of fish, i'm sure they will be going to a great home,

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Lol, then I apologise Brent, I had no idea you were admin. 😊

I am happy I was able to sell my fish, so quickly, smoothly and hassle free. This is why I like advertising on this forum.

FB is a different market I agree, Stephen.

My comments were not meaning any disrespect at all, in fact I've had dealings with goldenswimmers and have respect etc.

I couldn't quite see why the query, that was all.

Sorry for confusion, I'm still happy it was a nice easy transaction. And all is well in my world 😊

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also you'd be surprised how many people start arguing that they were "in first"(not aware of PMs sent etc)....seen it happen before....was not aimed at anyone in particular....just noticed people put sold on a thread when they are the buyer and not everyone posts interest on the thread(saying sold before any pick up etc..and also unfortunately not everyone does see through the deal)..i feel its the seller who should say sold once picked up and fish have been..yep...sold!...just my 5c I now will go back behind the couch :behindsofa::dance:

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