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WTB: Black gravel (Northside)

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I'm looking for some black gravel to cover the bottom of a 4x20 tank.

Does anyone have some they are willing to part with or know where I can get some at a reasonable price?

I've seen 20kg for $40 but I think Carl would kill me if I spent that much on gravel, so I hoping for something a bit cheaper. Does anyone know of any black gravel from a landscaper that's safe for tanks?

Local to Caboolture would be best. Northside, I will look into if price is good but southside is a bit far for Gravel.


Carl & Jenny

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I just use gravel from the landscaper.

depends what one you use but most types should be ok.

if you are really worried get only a little bit and put n a small tank with something like a guppie to test it.

Hope i helped!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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