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Evening all, New to the forum so thought i would start out throwing up my new project. Recently picked up a 6x2x2 tank setup with a 4ft sump (stand, hood gravel etc.) as well as fish ( Discus, Super Green Texas, Green Terror, 3 Plecos, couple Leopard Dorys i think and blue cray) which are currently housed in my other 4 ft tank (originally purchased for this project). Other equipment i have 2.5kg CO2 bottle setup still to be laid out, as well as a control center for all power, temp displays and other future items for easy and tidy setup. Currently researching lighting to upgrade to LED eventually also. Not exactly sure on what gravel came with the tank but i went into AOA on sunday (very helpful and great service, info overload for the hour that i was there haha) and picked up some Eco Complete gravel for plants hoping to get more next pay to fill in around the roots and rocks more before planting. But will defiantly be heading back to AOA soon for more stuff

The plan is to moderately/heavily plant out the tank with the probability of only keeping the discus from current fish and eventually adding more discus, tetras, shrimp etc. Will enclose the stand and stain hood and stand the same which should help keep little hands out of the sump tank:). Will be great to get this project completed as it is something for both my wife and 1 year daughter to enjoy also. If there is anything left out or any questions please ask and ill try and give more info :)

would love some feed back and suggestions also.

Cheers Matt






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So its been a while and finally set up with plants and new lights and some extra fish/shrimp. Also the CO2 system running (temporary hose into filter inlet until reactor is done)

So new fish additions are 3 peppermint bristlenose, cardinal tetras, 3 more discus, red cherry shrimps. New lights are Fluval 4 ft LED from Pet City and due to still being dark in the tank

ended up getting 3 2 ft linkable LED from ebay seem to do the job well. CO2 has made a massive difference with plants that i wouldnt have expected HM growing like wild fire. Here is some pics

Next project enclose frame and matching hood, finish CO2 setup maybe more plants and more fish


Before CO2 After CO2


Discus amongst HM


Pep and Shrimp



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