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hi all

as the title suggests, looking to do a rescape of my 4ft tank, tank is a tropical/ community set up and fairly planted.

looking to swap it all out and set up and African tank,

After opinions on the best way to do this, I want to keep the filter running and media 'alive' but want to strip everything else, except a driftwood log, out including substrate.

fish to go are

2 angels

honey gourami

bolivian ram

firemouth cichlid

2 Siamese algae eaters

3 bronze cories

8 congo tetras

acara blue cichlid

2 kribs

i know bit of a mix match but all get along fine

all plants in the tank to go aswell, but can go for free with the fish

will also sell substrate which is 4x 7 kg bags of Seachem Flourite Black Sand and a 20kg bag of pool filter sand


thanks jacob

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if it was me i would:

-sell/ swap the fish and plants for fish you want

-disconnect the filter from the tank and run it in a bucket, small bin or something similare.

- strip the substrate and sell it / give it away if you can.

- give the now bare tank and good clean out and start again.

you might need to keep the traded fish or fish to go in a plastic storage bin style thing (you could keep the filter running in it too just turn down the flow i guess)

- then yeah start your scape. re plumb and check your water for a few days or weekish to make sure it was stable and then add fish.

thats how i would do it. im sure otheres would do things differnt but yeah theres one idea of an attack plan. you might have issues getting rid of the fish and plants if you want to get a bit of money for them but if you price them cheap or give them away it will speed up the re scape it depends if you want to "cut your lose's" and move on quickly or get stuffed around for months haha

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thanks mate

that's the generally idea i had in my head, defiantly not worried about getting my money back, just want to get it done before i go back to work

a bit of cash would be nice tho

thanks again

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