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Petenia Splendida - Snook

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Just thought I would put some pics up and see who has any of these awesome fish. I have 6 of these guys ranging in size from 15-30cm. They never fight and are crazy feeders. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between sexes? I'm told the males have spots on their tales and the females don't. Can't seem to find a pic to differentiate the two. 8O

Wouldn't mind trying to breed them. Anyone out there breeding or have bred them mind sharing their words of wisdom???



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Hey mate, i have a breeding pair of these fish and they r awesome.

The males have alot of spots on thier tail and the female has none.

Breeding can be difficult as these fish are very cautious and will eat the eggs or fry if they feel threatened. I recommend u build a deep dark cave for the fish to spawn in and provide filter light through plants.

heres some pics of mine for u to look at





Both together


U can message me at any time if u have any questions

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A Friend of mine had a pair that he didn't want anymore, so while I sold them for him I put them in a 1000l outdoor goldfish pond. They bred a couple of times in the pond with the goldfish! Same old story, as long as they are happy they will breed.


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