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does anyone have tips for breeding bn's?

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my b/n's still have not bred for me. they are just the normal one and well and truely at a breeding size. i was going to move my pair into my guppy tank. will they breed with the other fish in there? also what temps has everyone got there tanks set at?

thank you!

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Well Carl loves his BN, but i do the work. :roll: Anyway have you got yourself a breeding log. I have found my absolutely love their logs. Ours started breeding in anything that the male could get half into. It's funny watching a large male trying and fit underneath a small bridge and fan his eggs on his back. We thought he was sick until we found out what he was doing.

Anyway back on subject. We have had our BN with all sorts of different fish and still breed. The only problem we had when they were with other fish is that sometimes the eggs would get knocked out of the logs and the other fish would eat them before we could find them and tumble them.

We usually have our tanks at about 27 but I have found that when the temp in the tanks spike to about 30 (darn cheap heaters :x ) they usually lay.

Has your girl got a nice big fat belly on her? Has you male pick out a cave? He has to pick out his cave first and she has to like it (but they aren't fussy) before they will breed too. Also watch what sort of ornaments you have in your tank as the male will take up a corner of anything and it can make it hard to see whats going on. IF you have a log face the opening towards the front of you tank but not too close to the glass. That way you can keep an eye on whats happening in the log with a torch. Just don't shine it in there too long or too much as the male hate it.

Hope that helps a little


Oh yeah. We don't have heaps of driftwood (actually we have hardly any, need more) but it would help as they like slightly soft acidic water. :)

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