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Sexing Cuckoo Cats.

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After being showed how to tell the difference between male and female cuckoo's by DFishkeeper, I thought I would put up some photo's explaining the difference.

First photo is of a female. ( No willy )


Second photo is of a male ( Willy )


Hope this is of help to someone.



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hey guys....after hearing things said by different breeders and reading up i have come to the conclusion that the best hots for Cuckoo Catfish are ones that have the following:

1. a large adult size

2. large mouths and therefore large brood sizes

3. a rather mild temperament (as cichlids go) so as not to "smash" the Cuckoos up so much that they will not breed...

examples of such fish...the idea given to me by our very own Doug, are fish such as Dolphins, 3 Spot Easterns and Fire Blues (or similar, closely related Protomelas). Doug would have to be the most successful Cuckoo breeder i know of....and i am sure if people have any queries about them he will be able to answer them...

hope it helps...

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