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Introducing new fish to established American tank

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Soooo.....I tried to increase my Cory population from the present 5 to 8, in my 6-footer that also has:

2 jags approx 22cm,

2 oscars 28cm

Black belt 25cm

3 salvinis 15cm

2 convicts

3 loaches

I have a pretty deep sand layer approx 12cm which gives awesome nitrate reducing, to the extent that I have an almost constant stream of bubbles and never register any nitrates on testing. My fish are about 7 mths in the tank and sorted off around 3-4 cm mark.

The Cory's do an excellent job of digging around and releasing the gas hence why I wanted to increase the population.

The Ams don't even notice the present fish but when I put the extras in they were eaten by day 2, (I suspect the Oscars but I can't prove it) yet still the original Corys are still happily digging in my sand. New fish were smaller than present Corys.

Didn't think the Ams would be able to tell the new fish from the old, but there you go.

Has anyone out there successfully introduced new fish into an established tank? Would like to know how


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No good mate. You will lose the coryz everyday of the week. I dont know how the other coryz have survived for this long.

I would suggest the culprit is the jag.

The jags grow to a decent size with the attitude to match.

The coryz are just bite size snacks for the jags.

Either get the coryz out or dont get too attached to them.

It might be working for now but i cant see it working out in the long run.

Good luck.

Oh and the salvinis can be nasty little buggers as well.

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