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wtb air pump

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I have the lp100 pump. I didn't use the divider that come with it. I went to Bunnings and bought some 3/4 garden irrigation poly and rung it along the wall behind my tanks. That way you can poke holes in it and run there where every you want and saves using heaps of airline. I also use the garden taps as their better quality. cheers mick

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yeah that is what i did with my tanks but i just brought some more and already filled them up so i cant really acees the back of them to put the piping on.

yeah i am going to age of aquariums tomorrow but just seeing if there was any second hand ones available anywhere. thanks.

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We have a "ACO 9530" i think is the model number.

It has been running about 50 tanks before we expanded and upgraded.

It has a 19mm outlet which you can simply slide a piece of 19mm poly pipe onto, block the end of the pipe, and then insert 12 or more aquarium air valves into the poly pipe.

Pumps about 40 litres per minute

Good working order - $50

Regards Darren

0419 724 766

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