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Need help with convicts

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hi, my convicts have just had their fry hatch. they are tiny wrigglers about 80 to 100 of them. i don't know what to do next, wheather i wait 1 week after they are free swimming and take the mother and the father out or what. the last batch they had was their first and i left the mother and the father in the 65L tank with the fry and they ate them all and the mother's fins were all ripped. should i try and feed the little wrigglers or leave them. what do you guys do when your convicts have fry.

cheers,john :wink: :lol::o:):D

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Depends if they are they in a community tank?

Generally the parents are good for up to a week then the parents and the others will go skirmish. ~feeding frenzy time~

Best bet is to siphon the free swimming fry into an established fry raising tank. Don't really need the parents at this stage.

Make sure you have filtration that will not take the fry on the 'Ride of their Life'

Best to cover the filter inlet with a sponge or use a low capacity air driven filter.

Feed with baby brine shrimp for the first few weeks (available frozen from LFS)

Then move to powdered flake.

I have had a couple of convict fry, survive in a community tank to adult size (tough buggers)

Have fun

It's all trial and error, no hard and fast rule, what works for others may not work for you.

Don't feel too bad if you fail the first couple of times, learn by your mistakes, best of all enjoy.

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Ok heres my bit :)

Well as u said ur females fins were all torn up last time they had fry it is a sign of the male trying to take control of the fry, take the female out and leave the male with the fry and watch in wonder as the male takes the greatest of care of the young like my male does :)

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