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A bare bottom reef tank as it evolves.

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This is an example of something that a couple of guys were asking about on another forum, what is the opinion on bare bottom tanks and experiences!

That’s right no substrate of any kind!

This is one of two that was my pride and joy till the 2013 January cyclone power outage took it off me.





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No I didn't use any supplements for that one or the one above it!

My system is based on the ocean more or less, I use to buy my gear a long time ago in the eighties, and yes we had phos sponge, activated carbon, venturi skimmers and all that sort of stuff in the eighties.

I do add some of my home made stuff these days, but not back during that year and a half with the tank that the power outage killed off.

It’s too hard to explain what took 30 years or so to figure out.

Do some google searchs on what algae excretes, what is in all and released and made from the cells of fresh foods as they are broken down by protists and bacteria, how important cyano is to your aquarium and puts back into the marine habitat, what sponges, symbiotic or not do for the waters, the importance of nitrogen that the organics it comes from skimmers take out, the importance of not using a skimmer with the correct bio system in use,cascaded water benefits and far, far more!

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