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Breeding setup

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Sell my breeding set up that i've been using for my L numbers and Peppers

All sitting on pallet racking

1500 x 390 x 500 Grow out tank

640 x 380 x 450 Grow out tank

610 x 300 x 300 tanks 6 of

1000 x 610 x 300 Divided into 4 sections

1000 x 610 x 300 Divided into 6 sections

Acrylic Sump 2400 x 630 x 300

K1 and media with Jebao 10000lt Pump all plumbing for system

LP 40 Air Pump with sponge Filters with air lines and taps

Weipro PH-2010

LED strip lighting

Looking at $1500



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That's a good breeding rack boys. Was there today to pick up fishes, as his name says "madone".

It was good meeting you Bruce and by the way, love the fishes, awsome mate and settling as if they didn't know they moved house. Lol.

The l397 sweet as. Thanks again Bruce. Glws.

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