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grow em or feed em

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Need to free up tank space asap for new inhabitants. I have 200+ fry to move at feeder prices, great for the monster fish keeper. All fish are fed a quality varied diet and come from varied quality bloodline parents. Fish consist of 120 mix africans, mostly tangerine peacocks and rest flamebacks and peacock throwbacks in ob form. Other 80 consist of a mixture of red devils and jags. All fish in count are not culls as I have run out of tanks so would rather see them enjoyed instead 9f turned into fish food. All fish are 2-4cm minimum TL. Please bring a bucket to transport said fish.

price is $160 the lot or 100 for $90

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Gotta love those "reliable customers" ronny, got a few myself, but not enough of them around nowadays :)

This is one member who always turns up when suits me best. One in a million unfortunately. Being as my fish are only a hobby I don't have the time to hound shops to get rid of my fish, im hard pressed even getting the time to throw a leg over! My loss is his gain and I couldnt care less.

gotta catch up soon [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] as I looking at a maingano and yellow breeding display for my 5x18x30 wall mount display and we all know yours are the best avail!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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