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display yellows and fryeri icebergs

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hey in warwick for today n tomorrow wouldnt mind moving a few male disply fish, my bad if a female turns up in the yellows i didnt double check but we'll say all male. all fish are good quality and health, had plenty of interest in icebergs and people asking about display males in the past so heres your chance.

some old pics of brood stock.



my two remaining original males are tanks these days but haven't got any recent pics.

thanks mick

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BUMP - tonight is the last chance these will be available for possibly ages. had enough people trying to get display icebergs last time, cant believe no one wants em now. these will continue to be grown out anyway, so there only gonna get better for me but the females cop a hard time from these guys i was trying to make it a bit easier for the remaining girls.

cheers mick

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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