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New Filter and display

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Afternoon all,

Firstly have to thank John over at @thetechden for the great deal on filter and media. Took a bit of setting up and some cutting into the cabinet but all turned out well. Everything running great, just waiting to see how it will cycle. I figured while I was changing over to a canister (Aquael Uni Max 700 Canister Filter) I might as well pull everything out and give it a clean as well as new layout.

Also had a bit of a chat about the strange patterns on my bristlenose, so pics attached.

I am really happy with the new layout and how the filter is working, never seen the water so clear.

Thinking about selling the Gourami's and finding something else to go in there, but would need to be Balloon Molly friendly, haha. Any ideas welcome as I am happy to try anything.






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Good having a chat to you this morning and the feed back that you were really happy with your choices. You BN has kick off with breeding in the new log and the short time it took for your tank to start the turn around in a couple of hours. Liked hearing your family likes it too and more enjoyment which is what this great hobby is all about.

Thank you for posting up your picks and feed back too.

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