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Scuba Steve

EOI - Complete Fishroom

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Hey guys, after careful consideration, i'm thinking of selling my complete fishroom. only reason for selling is i'm looking to focus my time on frontosa and a couple of other larger breeds, and I will be setting up a new fishroom with bigger tanks to accommodate their needs. everything you need to start breeding bar the fish is included.

7 5ft x 18in x 18in tanks

10 3ft x 18in x 18in tanks

5 1.5ft x 1.5ft fry tanks

1 5ft x 18in x 18in sump

1 3ft x 18in x 18in sump

1 1.5ft x 1.5ft sump

all Dexion ultima racking

1 x 6000l/ph sump pump

1 x 18,000l/ph sump pump

1 x 6500l/ph sump pump

all pipes and plumbing

all sand and rocks

very clean and functional setup. looking for $3500. wouldn't be ready for pickup for atleast a week or two as It's a massive job to pull down, and I have to organise for my new tanks to get made, housing my fish etc

cheers guys,





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Shame it's gotta go mate. I didn't get to see it but I saw just before you started.

Good luck with it all dude

Free bump

cheers mate, and I can assure you it will be back bigger and better than ever. im focusing on wc fronnies now so I have to accommodate to their needs. you will have to pop over and check it all out :)

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top looking setup steve. well done.. good luck to the new owner. many hours have gone into this system.

as for putting all your egg's in the WC fronny basket...........

haha cheers mate. I will still be keeping all my German Peacocks and spilo's, just going a few less tanks, but a lot bigger. 8)

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hi steve,

me and a couple of mates were looking at starting to breed. how would you go if you were to have say tangs in some tanks, catties in some, and africans in others? With the different ph requirements? different filtration for each im guessing? is it safe to run breeding tanks on a sump, some people have told me that if 1 species gets sick, they all do, and you can lose a lot of fish this way. would you be available to help us set all this up, and for advice later down the track? how close would a 3 grand offer get us to the setup?



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The last couple of days there has been an influx of rediculous offers with people wanting somthing for nothing as usual. If your not interested in paying the asking price, please dont even bother wasting both our time. $3500 is my absolute best price, and offering me less is just an insult to the time and effort i have put into this.

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This setup is one if the tidiest I have seen.

If anyone is interested in breeding and wants to start the right way get in and see Steve and his fish room. Guarantee won't be disappointed.

The attention to detail Steve has to keep this setup so tidy and clean is unreal. Any considering buyer will not be disappointed.

Cannot believe this hasn't sold or had decent interest yet.

Free bump man

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