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Malawi Chics and 1 Tang

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Hey folks, i'm clearing out my display tank before the colder months come. I want these gone in one hit considering the stuff around involved with selling them separate.


3 x ( Malawi Barracuda)Rhampochromis Mchini yellow fin 25+ cm = 2 x M / 1 x F - I figure these guys are pretty rare considering I can't find much info on them. can't even find out exactly how they breed= supposedly they are good eating- hahaha

1 x Electic Blue 25 cm = 1 x M - lovely specimen

1 x Peacock Blue/Orange 15 cm = 1 x M - lovely specimen

1 x Zebra 12 cm = 1 x M

1 x Venustus 8 cm = not sure but think its a male

2 x Red Empress Peacocks 12 cm = not sure


1 x Frontosa Kigoma 7 bar 25 cm = 1 x M - lovely specimen - and regretful sale however the other males in the Fronty colony don't take to kindly to him.

submit offers to my mobile : Brett on : 0422604165

and message me if you want pictures i'll message you back with some.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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