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Are these sick

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I went to Pets Galore in Tbar today to have a sticky beak, their Discus had what looked like dirt or pepper on the front where a nose would be and looked terrible, does it sound like some kind if disease, most of their discus had this and the tanks were quite dirty

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That's too broad of a question to and quickly and correctly...

You need a good clear pic. If they were orange fish then that's a pigeon blood (*1) and the peppering is normal.

A water change could of just been done and stirred up sediment which settled on their mucous coat.

It could b water pH too high or changed to quickly or?

Something else could be stressing the fish

They could be in the mood for a bit of boom chick a wow wow...

If you bring it to the attention if the owner nicely and let them know, they'd be able to see and get it sorted.

Note (*1)--- pigeon blood DOES NOT MEAN ORANGE... it refers to the black peppering on ANY colored discus. :)

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