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Closing down guppy tanks - all must go - ATFG stock!

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***PLEASE NOTE - My guppies for sale are from ALL THAILAND FANCY GUPPIES where the fancy guppy originates from. ***

Closing down my guppy tanks - everthing must go.

All stock is either ATFG (All Thailand Fancy Guppies) imports or bred from ATFG imports.

I have pairs of Real Red Eye Albino (RREA) Blue Lace Snake Skins with Half Thumb Dorsals (HTD). 4 months of age. $40 a pair.


I have a trio of Real Red Eye Albino Superior Full Red HTD. See the male in this video. $60 for the trio.

I also have female singles of Blue Mosaic Half Moon (HM), RREA Sky Blue HM. $20 each.

99% guaranty breeding true!

Pickup only from the Gold Coast.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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