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what size sump?

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Hi all,

What will be the smallest sump u guys will use for a 6x2x2 most probably using a 2000L/hr submersible pump. will make 2 of these http://www.aquarticles.com/articles/man ... nging.html as it is impossibleto drill the tank in its current location.

am thinking to make a sump of 6ftx13"(w)x8-9"(h) as the space under the cabinet is only around 14" high, so i think 8-9" is a reasonable high for room to take out the media for cleaning.

do u guys think this size is good enough? and the 3-4" will get me enough room for cleaning?

thanks in advance.

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just finished the brace for the lids and eggcrate.


this is a homemade overflow box :lol:

(inside of tank)


(outside of tank)


will make another overflow using 25mm piping later and will

post up some pictures when done.

just incase if anyone wonder what silicone i used.


will get some foam tomorrow (fingercrossed) and will have it inside the cabinet then. :lol:

Cheers :wink:

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